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Default Cannot compile any maps !!!

Well after installing all the tools and unpaking all the files. I finally get together a test map and run the compile option from the menu in the editor.

"bsp_FastVis" "! q3map -gamedir e:/fakktools/fakk -all -fast $"
"bsp_FullVis" "! q3map -gamedir e:/fakktools/fakk -all $"

This just does the first stage of compiling and nothing else. No vis or light and god damn the level looks ugly. I checked the junk.txt file in my temp directory c:\temp and this is what it says :-

e:\FAKKTools\bin>q3map -gamedir e:/fakktools/fakk -all E:/fakktools/fakk/maps/und1.map
---- q3map ----
Warning: textures/common/caulk has no surface type defined
Warning: has no surface type defined
Warning: textures/under/tunnelwater has no surface type defined
Warning: textures/under/ceiling_caustic has no surface type defined
Warning: textures/under/wl_under_door1 has no surface type defined
writing E:/fakktools/fakk/maps/und1.prt
Writing E:/fakktools/fakk/maps/und1.bsp
1 seconds elapsed

I try and compile the map at the command prompt with the following commands.

E:\FAKKTools\fakk\maps>..\..\bin\q3map -vis und1
---- vis ----

************ ERROR ************
SetQdirFromPath: no 'hm' in E:/FAKKTools/fakk/maps/und1

Ok then I put that stupid -gamedir command in.

E:\FAKKTools\fakk\maps>..\..\bin\q3map -gamedir e:\fakktools\fakk -vis und1
---- q3map ----

************ ERROR ************
Unknown option "-vis"

What "-vis" unknown option !!!!
So I reverse the command line around just in case the compile program is too stupid.

E:\FAKKTools\fakk\maps>..\..\bin\q3map -vis -gamedir e:\fakktools\fakk und1
---- vis ----

************ ERROR ************
Unknown option "-gamedir"

I then try to compile the map via a batch file just in case it is an issue with the command line, but still get the same problem. It is like the vis/light section of the q3map tools cannot handle the gamedir command line.

At this point I cannot see the point in compiling levels for this stupid game.

I have the latest compile tools from the fakkyou FTP site (q3map v1.00) and the UK patch. I do have another copy of Q3rad on my HD for Q3. I'm running a brand new copy of NT4 (2 weeks old) with SP4 and nothing additional in my path statement. I have re-installed the tools at least 4 times and it makes no difference.

Any suggestions ?
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