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Default Totally Unoffensive Suggestion ;) - Game Saves

I dont know how hard this would be but I was wondering if the manor in which saved games are backed up and accessed could be changed a bit.

While playing EF, it was a bit nicer to use the automatic saves made by the game rather then manual saves because upon loading them you could view all the cinematics that lead up to wherever you are resuming. However, the autosave from the previous area is written over by the next. Whenever I reached a checkpoint I wanted to keep I had to grab the file that represented it and back it up in a sepearate folder or something... then restore it when I wanted to use it.

I know this may seems a bit stupid, but I like the story of a game and when going back to a previous saved game I like to see the cinematics and dialog... especially if I'm showing the game to someone else.

My proposal is to keep a list to the side of the normal saves that retains all the major checkpoints used in the game like what is done in Bridge Commander. Not only would this make what I just described a ton easier but it allows people to go back to any part of the game that they wish to, at any time (without using the cheats of course, which could present problems with the weapons you were supposed to have and objectives you already should have completed).

I dont know how possible this is becuase all the games I've seen using the Quake 3 engine had a very similar save menu to that which EF used, but if this is possible it would be cool.

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