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Default Unlockables

is there going to be missions that we have to unlock after we beat the game. Like challenges so if we win the challenge we get a level unlocked
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Default Re: Unlockables

Yes. BrushBaron has spoken to me in length about a particular aspect in the broad area of unlockable materials. Apparently, rootbin's and my own name are to be placed on a pile of dung inside some remote sewer, in some remote unaccessible area. But to unlock the ability to see these names, would entail the incorporation of some sort of engine to increase the detail of the game such that the names are visible. (*NB: This is all up in the air you understand, when the Baron said 'dung', he more than likely meant 'menu screen', and when he said both rootbins and my name, he obviously was speaking only of adding my name.)
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Default Re: Unlockables

There will be unlockable mission in space station [img]/forums/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Unlockables

IGN mentioned that CSX will include 2 exclusive single-player missions, plus one space station bonus level. The bonus level may not be included in the PC version.
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Default Re: Unlockables

There probably will be, If we don't get it then a mapper will just make it for us or something......hopfully.....
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