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Default Jefferies Tube doors don\'t open properly/corruption

Hi all,

Only noticed issues with this game when I started playing the Dallas level: when I need to manually open any of the Jefferies Tube doors they don't open fully and leave strange graphical corruption, either:

Flickering textures with the door left half-open and it cannot be opened further

Door moves outwards aswell as to the side, leaving the door hanging in mid air

This is a tad annoying as I am unable to go through the Tubes and hence progress in the game.

The issue is not apparent on two seperate computers, but all are different specs. My machine is:

GA-7VT600 Motherboard
Athlon XP 2000+
512MB Crucial PC3200
80GB Seagate HD
GeForce FX5500
XP Pro SP2 and all current updates

On latest drivers for all hardware, and game is patched fully (and has been since it was installed).

Any suggestions welcome, I've tried all sorts of graphics settings, and even turned everything off with no change...I have rolled back to different driver versions and still no change.

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