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sonic bastard
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Default problem - problem - problem (johnny rotten)

hello all! i just bought the german version of fakk2 (1.02 allready) and can´t get this little thingie running. i have the famous grey screen hangup right at the start. i have tried and updated all drivers, bios, directx blah blah blah....but it won´t work. and the funny thing is, 2 friends of mine who bought the game have exactly the same problem. we all have geforce cards (2 x MX, 1 256DDR) and athlon/duron systems.
the official support wrote me that i should install wickedgl drivers, but they are for 3dfx boards (haha), so you guys are my only hope. any suggestions, hints, experiences with that?????????? please help me, cos i think that game kicks major ass! by the way, the demo version worked perfect!!!!
thanx! [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]
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Default Re: problem - problem - problem (johnny rotten)

Do you have a firewall running?
All drivers updated I guess.
Are there any programs running in the background?
I´ve a Durun and a GF256 and it works.
Check all the drivers again. If you´ve via chipset the 4in1 driver package, newest sounds drivers....and so on.
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