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Default Discount Bulk Sin Episodes Pre-Purchase!

I really liked the first Sin Episode. And the few things that could be improved, I am confident that the Ritual team will get right in the future due to their unusual direct connection with their fan base and absolute customer orientation.

I mean, I see these guys EVERYWHERE soliciting comments and providing support to their community -- here, shack, steam forums, and probably a few other places too. Plus, they were in playing on their and other Sin 1 servers too, that kind of incredible connection truly builds loyalty.

I've seen a lot of analogies on the episodic development (from Twain to Doom shareware), another example fo those of you familliar with project management & SLDC is that Ritual is essentially breaking down the deliverables in a way that allows for iterative design with more frequent development cycles & customer reviews. I really like the concept and I hope it works out for devs as well as gamers, but without going into a detailed breakdown of gameplay hours per dollar, let's just say I have some concerns relative to the overall value of all 9 episodes cost-wise (understanding that we don't know exactly how future episodes will be priced).

With that said, and with my comments regarding the faith I have in Ritual, I would be very interested in a pre-purchase option for all future episodes. This could take shape many different ways, one way of which might run something along the lines of: "Pre-pay x $ now and get all future episodes. There are 9 planned, but there may be more, perhaps less". I am sure there are others out there who would be interested in doing the same, especially if we could be assured we were getting a great value compared to purchasing individually. This would be a win-win giving Ritual more capital to work with up front, and for those of us that participated in the pre-pay knowledge that we're getting a great value overall and through our commitment, keep us locked in and bringing more players to the game as each episode is rolled out.

$80 sounds about right to me, sign me up baby!


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Default Re: Discount Bulk Sin Episodes Pre-Purchase!

Yeah right...
80 is a huge difference to 180, I don't think that's ever going to happen. Why do you need it cheaper? The episodes are like 6 months apart, surely even a begger could save more than enough during that 6 months to purchase an episode.
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Default Re: Discount Bulk Sin Episodes Pre-Purchase!

Course not, these days it's soaking people for mediocre games and taking advantage of 'kids' mostly. The smarter people find alternative methods of getting it. I'd have to be taking acid to even think I'd pay $180 for a 'GAME' much less a game that was screwed over 10 years ago without even an ounce of remorse to that community. You are obviously one of those people with their mouth wide open waiting for any $hit to come down. Ya, god forbid these guys have respect for gamers and release a decent priced game instead of milking it over Steam...

All Ritual has done with this is encourage their game to be raped on the piracy side and piss of a lot of original players off.

I'd personally like to match all of those with ripped versions of the game to who's bought it. lmfao.
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Default Re: Discount Bulk Sin Episodes Pre-Purchase!

I had this idea a few months ago, (of course this was before knowing there were going to be 9 episodes) I was hoping they'd start this purchase with the first episode but maybe they could start it with later ones.

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