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Default Line of Sight - Enemies shooting through walls.

Some enemies on some maps are able to target me without me being in the LOS.
Just now I went up a fire escape to two windows and shot one of the enemies inside. As they returned fire I retreated somewhat and then went back up again. But before I got up far enough so I could see any of them they started shooting.
I repeated this to see if it was some temporary thing since it was so noticable but after 2 saves it was pretty clear that the LOS is not set properly on the enemies or the map. I am assuming it is the map since I haven't noticed this behaviour on other maps and I don't think there is a different AI for different maps. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

I have also noticed that on more then one occation that flying enemies can still hit you if they shot with their backs turned to you, or their are flying past you and they start shoting without first aiming at you. There's quite a few flying enemies on that last building when you are runing around outside to get to the top and I saw this happen a lot.

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Default Re: Line of Sight - Enemies shooting through walls.

The "cone of fire" for the flying enemies is a known issue and is being examined.

As for enemies being able to shoot through walls, if the AI had enough information to believe you are behind a wall, they will shoot you. Of course, you can do the same...
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