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Default comments, suggestions, critique


that's exactly what i wanted from TV-like episodic gaming with
an funny attitude. you are on the right way.
you really got me hooked, i want to know where the story is
going and i WILL buy the next episode.

you already announced arena mode and some future multiplayer
so I like it very much that you want to enhance and broaden the
experience. i will certainly recommend this game to others !!!!

more blade talking - but maybe this is planned for later

more witty dialogue

less sexist - nonwobbly breasts/jokes please

i really dont like that you advertise your products with
live nude models. i like it cartoony and non-real.
alexis silicon breasts are for me the visual representation of
her lust for genetic lunacy and an design choice.
in the real world i dont need that. just my opinion, no insult
to the 2 models or you.

i hope to fly a jetpack.

more car-action please

for the next episodes: integrate them into one interface
so you can start each episode you want from one menue.
steam will be clogged with sin:eps and hl2:eps.

sometimes the audioclues dont get played when you push TAB
or you dont get an hint at all. i noticed that now that im playing
the game the second time.
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