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Default SiN Steam Patch Released

A patch for the Steam version of the original SiN is now available via everybody's favorite content delivery system. Here's the list of fixes:
<ul type="square">[*]Added new deathmatch map Spool[*]Fixed incorrect game name being reported to Steam[*]Fixed French version of the game dropping the player to the console in the Chemical Plant and Mountain Gorge levels[*]Civilian females no longer turn bright red when shot[*]Unused map name removed from multiplayer map list[/list]To grab it, simply restart your Steam client. Remember that if you are running a multiplayer server using the HLDS tool, you will also need to grab the latest version of that or your server won't show up in the Steam server browser.

Alternatively, we've updated the SiN Steam FAQ with a new entry explaining how to run a multiplayer server without using HLDSUpdate.
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Default Re: SiN Steam Patch Released

Cool patch.
*Goes to try Spool*
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