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bonecrusher rbb
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Default Anyone want a dedicated server?

O.k. here's the deal. I deleted SiN from my Hard Drive a while ago and I lost the CD. This put's me in a bad predicament. I would like to start a dedicated server, and as many of you remember, alot of people got good pings on the RBB servers last year, if someone(with High bandwith) would upload SiN onto my ftp server I would definetely get a few servers up and going. If anyone is interested icq me.

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Default Re: Anyone want a dedicated server?

Heheh is this a scheme to get warez SiN back?

Anyways... I think that if you just got the .dll's and .exe's, you could run the dedicated server... right? hmmm... but some game media would be need for sum checking though... ie maps.

Oh yea... anyone remember that idea I had a year ago... for Ritual to make a skeleton version of SiN, just to run a dedicated server...? Would be like 500kb in size, real fast download. Makes a game have that many more dedicated servers out there... perhaps that odd person who wants to run "another" game server. Thats such a sweet idea... man I have too many...

I can't help ya anyways mano, no SiN installed, no cd-rom, lethally low HD space (talkin' enough to run Windows man)...

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Default Re: Anyone want a dedicated server?

Whats your FTP? I would be willing as long as you gat a decent CTF server going. Just ICQ and we can setup time and date.

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