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Default AMD 64 X2 4800


guys, I was using my FX57 and switch to a NEW 64 x2 4800 and realize that my game "SIN episode" does NOT CRASH anymore.
hum... I just bought the AMD FX57 for $829.oo and can't play Sin. How interesting how I switch to a new AMD x2 4800 and it works fine with Sin, with no crash.

FX57 $829.oo not working with Sin Episode
x2 4800 $711.oo working great with Sin Episode with no crash.
OH!!! I just update my PSU to the PS &P 1000Killowatts "$499.oo and I can boot from Post bios to Window XP in less than 8.5 seconds. SupER fast.
Overall, I have spent over $4,500.oo worth of PC hardware equipment. Now, I have my FX57 sitting on my desk collecting dust. crap, what a waste of money...

Ok, i give up so just stick a Baseball BAT in my @SS.
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