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Default Potential Fix for Video Crashes

Jules passes along a tip for our readers who might be having problems launching the game using widescreen monitors (not even sure if this is related, but it may help others encountering "crash bugs.")

I tried launching Sin Episodes Emergence tonight at the GMT release time of 10PM, only to find it kept locking my PC up shortly after starting.
It would display the Nvidia, Ritual and Emergence logos, then freeze the machine completely. No ALT-TAB, no CTRL-ALT-DEL, nothing. Only a hard reset worked.

I tried doing this twice, with the same result.

I then went on to the Steam support forums, and made a note of how to perform a "clean" boot. But then I caught another post about launching
HL2 with the "-windowed" option in order to be able to change your screen resolution. As I'm running a widescreen NEC 20WGX2 at 1680x1050, I thought I'd give it a go.

To my delight and surprise, Emergence started correctly this time. I could finally see the menu options, and changed my aspect ratio to 16:10 and resolution to 1680x1050. (I did not have to do this with HL2).

So, for anyone else having the same problem, start Steam up, click on the "My Games" tab, right-click on "Sin Episodes Emergence", then in the Properties "General" tab, click on the "Set launch options" button and enter...


... then click on OK. Return to the "My Games" tab in Steam, then click on the "Launch" button. The game will then (hopefully) start without locking up. Change your aspect ration and resolution within the game, in exactly the same manner as with HL2.

Don't forget to delete the "-windowed" launch option before playing it the next time!

I'm about to try playing it briefly, then quitting out, then firing it up again. Fingers crossed everything works...



Good luck to everyone having problems! Just try and be patient, there are only so many hours in the day, and Mr. Russell is working hard to ensure everyone has a great time playing the game!
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