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Default Missing "1440x900" resolution

I have just bought myself a new 19" wide screen LCD monitor, which has a native resolution of 1440x900. The thing is that resolution is not in display properties...

I have installed the ini file that came with it, that defines the max resolution as 1440x900, but that resolution is just not selectable. I can't even force that resolution in a game, it just reverts back.

The monitor is currently connected via a VGA cable, could that be causing the native resolution to not be selectable? I have ordered a DVI cable, since it didn't come with one, it should be arriving in a couple of days.

I have looked every where on the internet, no where does it say that a VGA cable cannot do 1440 x 900. So do you think this is a limitation of VGA and I need a DVI cable to use it at 1440x900 resolution? At the moment I'm running at 1024x768, which doesn't look so hot.
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Default Re: Missing "1440x900" resolution

Funny enough I've already fixed it...

I switched from my expensive VGA cable to the cheapy VGA cable that came with the monitor and it works. That's just weird, oh well...

Perhaps my expensive VGA cable was too long too carry the signals to detect the things... I've found other cases were long high quality VGA cables suffer with these things on google.

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Default Re: Missing "1440x900" resolution

If you have an LCD screen, I seriously recommend getting a DVI cable regardless, especially with 16:10 aspect ratio. There are two reasons for that:

1) You won't have the analog noise ("specks" or "error diffusion") at low luminance levels -- this happens with most if not all LCD screens connected in analog (VGA mode). The video board converts its digital signal to the (noisy) analog signal, and LCD screen, as it stands, needs to convert it back to digital. With DVI, the digital signal can be fed directly to the monitor.

2) If your video board is nVidia based (maybe this functionality is available in other drivers as well), you will have control over the aspect ratio of your screen. You do not have that control at the driver level if your monitor is connected with VGA cable. And of about 5 wide-screen LCD models I examined, only 1 (an expensive HP model, over $600) had an option of adjusting the aspect ratio for VGA signal from the monitor controls themselves. How so many manufacturers could overlook such an important feature, I don't know -- the point is, it's not there on most wide-screen monitors. Why this matters: suppose your game's resolution is 1024x768 (which is 4:3 AR) whereas your screen's AR is 16:10. You want your monitor to maintain AR while scaling the picture to fit your screen, so that the picture you get is still 4:3 (with black stripes on the left and on the right). Why: almost any video software assumes square pixels, so you want square pixels -- otherwise your picture will be distorted (stretched). And most wide screen LCD's will simply scale your picture to fit the screen, meaning they will stretch it one way or the other if the resolution's AR does not match that of the screen.

So with VGA connection, you are forced to work with resolutions that have the same AR as your screen (1440x900, 1280x800, 1024x640, etc). And many applications will not support these resolutions, so this is not good.

Note that with DVI connection your screen's refresh rate will be limited to 60 Hz. This is not a problem with LCD screens (unlike CRT) because they utilize a steady light source, and so do not flicker. Actually, even in VGA mode, with LCD lower refresh rate is better, because the flickering is absent anyway, and higher refresh rates only introduce more noise.

And yes -- you want your cables to be as short as possible; the shorter the electrical cable, the less the effect of its parasitic inductances and capacitances on the high frequency video signal. At least this is true for VGA cables (they use plain old electrical wires); I'm not sure about DVI -- judging by their prices (sometimes as high as $70 or more), longer versions of these might very well use optic transmitters instead. Shorter versions, however, cost around $20.

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