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Default PRDATOR: The MOD

still waiting for sign ups.
anybody can sign up really
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Default Re: PRDATOR: The MOD

in two years ill sign up k?
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Default Re: PRDATOR: The MOD

In order to get a mod project going you need the following: Some kind of background yourself. You have to know how to do some of the work modeling, mapping, programming etc. And, have done something of note. That is made a cool level everyone liked, or something like that. Once you have a bit of a rep people who also have reps will be more likely to respond

Also since at present there has not been much progress as far as getting new player models in you might have a problem. Unless you want a bunch of julies fighting the predator. You will also have to make a new model for the predator. So your biggest concern is going to be getting a modeler who can do a model in FAKK2. (good luck on that one. Even in Q3A community it's hard to find
a modeler that is available to do mod work (they tend to be employed at high proces so are to busy for mods )

IU wish you the best on your mod project. I think a predator mod would be cool

The Tutorial Index
A categorical index of tutorials available online. Making it easier for level designers to find the tutorials that contain the information they seek. So far it is for Q3A but many of the tutorials also apply to FAKK2.

FAKK2 CTF - Tiki Sheep http://www.fakkyou.com/ctf/
Sin Post http://www.sinpost.com/
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