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Default IGN\'s Cheat Code List

The cheat list is here. Engage!

Begin the game with this command line parameter to enable cheats: +set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1. Then press ~ once you begin the game. At the console window, type one of the phrases below to activate the cheat.

[*]Demo: game demo [*]Freeze the game: game freeze [*]God mode: god [*]Have all weapons: give all [*]Health at 100: health 100 [*]Invisible: notarget [*]List maps: maplist [*]List models: modellist [*]List skins: skinlist [*]No clipping: noclip [*]Play game music: playsong [*]Quit game: quit [*]Record game: record [*]Reset game: reset [*]Show inventory: inventory [*]Show shaders: shaderlist [*]Show memory info: meminfo [*]Show system info: systeminfo [*]Spawn weapon: give [weapon name] [*]Stop recording game: stoprecord
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