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Default Realistic Level Design

The following questions are addressed to all members of the CZ team:

<ul type="square">[*] Do you feel at all constricted in the creative liberties you wanted—or could—take because the game is set in the Counter-Strike universe?

[*]From a creative standpoint, does realism stifle creative independence and limit the amount of orginality? For instance, the architecture has to look believable because you're basically creating a virtual world that mirrors our own.

[*]Is Ritual allowed a certain degree of freedom and creativity, or are they simply tailoring a game according to guidelines handed down by Valve?

[*]Does realism take a backseat to fun in this game?[/list]
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Default Re: Realistic Level Design

1 - yes and no. more so because the real-world environments carry inherent limitations no matter what you do. the cs universe itself allows plenty of freedom in what we can do and what directions we can take.

2 - see above.

3 - tons! we sat down and designed each mission of the game before sitting down to put everything together. these missions were then approved and construction started... and here we are.

4 - absolutely not. how much can you really enjoy a game that isn't fun to play, regardless of how realistic it might be? Counter-Strike handles the balance between realism and fun, in my opinion, better than any game around. This carries through to Condition Zero in a very big way.

on a side note... cool post! This is a great way for you to ask about and for us to talk about the game without having to get into any kind of specifics. so, uh, thanks!
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Default Re: Realistic Level Design

1 - in a way yes. when modeling the view models for the game i was limited by the amount of polygons i wanted to use. some went under and some went over. overall i wanted to allow for more geometry rather than letting the texture artists have all the fun. and they've done a fantastic job. in animating the weapons (besides the new view models) most use the current animations that counter-strike uses because time doesn't always allow for extensive changes.

2 - i don't think so. while creating the game the level designers were basically able to come up with whatever situation they wanted to create. all props go out to the LD's for creating fun and interesting levels that beg to be played.

3 - i personally wanted to change some things around from the counter-strike universe and still do to this day (my own opinion of course). but the game is already fun the way it is with no reason to throw a monkey wrench in the gears.

4 - i agree with chris. counter-strike has a great arcade and realistic mix putting a nice touch on the genre of FPS games, which people obviously enjoy.
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Default Re: Realistic Level Design

These are Levelord's responses to similar q's:

</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
GH: Did you find yourself limited by the aging engine in terms of creating the environments/levels you wanted to put in?

Levelord: Let me first say this, …“A small palette does not a small artist make!”.

This is an aging engine, but it is not an aged one. Granted, its foundation is years old, but it has been worked and retooled during its entire lifespan. There have been few, if any, things that I have wanted to do that I cannot.

Our only limitation, related to the engine’s age, is the fact that we have a large audience out there that still plays on machines just as old. If I could plan on the audience all having updated machines, there would be no notice of the engine’s age.

GH: What have you guys taken away from this experience so far? What have you learned or discovered in the process of getting CZ toward alpha?

Levelord: First, I love working with Valve. Making a game with a fellow developer is like catering a party with a fellow chef. They know what we know, and we know what they know.

Particularly interesting, for those that remember, is the history of Valve and Ritual, …back in the Half-Life and SiN days. I wanted nothing more than to wipe their sorry asses off of the globe! …annihilate the bastards! …kill! …kill! …kill them all! …wait, sorry again [img]/forums/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Now, here we are today, on one of their games and happier than ever. It reminds me of the times my family would move from one town to another. Making new friends always took a while. It seems the best friends, in the end, were the very same ones that I got in fights with when I first moved in.

Thanks for letting us share the ride, you twisted Valves!

[/ QUOTE ]
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Default Re: Realistic Level Design

the biggest limitation is according to me that HL is not designed for open, urban area's, it's designed for the underground Black Mesa. So you can't really recreate real locations without twisting it all.
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