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Default UberRadiant \'common\' textures update

Hey, UberRadiant user!
You wanna make your Uradiant look
more like the old GTKRadiant?

Try my Uradiant common textures mod!

Download it here: web page

Here's a bit of the readme:

<font color="purple"> I just restart mapping for EF2.
While mapping, I realize the colors of the 'common'
textures set was a major annoyance...

White caulk texture??

So I make an update for Uradiant.
It turns the 'common' textures set to a more
'GtkRadiant' feel...

With pink caulk, red clips and so on...

Now I'm mutch more confortable with UberRadiant!

This is a very simple update, maybe a bit silly.
But, I'm sure it will please some UberRadiant/GtkRadiant
User. </font>

Here's the preview:

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