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Default Mik maps

Ok. Since, as i've already said, i'm moving towards video production, i have no more time (at least now) to do mapping.

Here i have uploaded a .rar file that contains some of my unfinished maps, and some my .wad files, some made/modified by me models, and some custom sprites.
Unpack in the Czeror folder, keep subfolders.


I use a lot of non Ritual .wads, most of them can be easly found on the net. I have not included because the file was too big.
There are six maps:

-Chem 2: a small, for testing purposes, map setted outside a chemical factory. Poke646.wad is needed

-Cairo2: a map setted in El Cairo (egypt), uses night2 skybox; mostly Ritual textures, some my models (lamps).

-cz_dock1: a dock map. Inspired by another unfinished dock map by Leperous, wich surprisingly is very similar to another my old map... use night2 skybox and a dark water texture. Be careful changing this, because they are good to create the illusion of the open sea, otherwise the map boundaries can be seen.

-Cz_dock_rig: part of the same mission of cz_dock. Is an oil rig platform on the open sea. Now is a one map, since is unfinished. My idea was to separate the up and down part in two or three maps when creating interiors of the rig, or else it became too big and too heavy for the engine.

-Cz_siberia3: is a outdoor map set in siberia. Only the exterior is done, the interior can be a high-tech abandoned military factory or lab. snow included [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] use night2 skybox

-Mosque2: another map set into an arabic city; intended to be the first of a three maps mission. uses night skybox, but its only a placeholder, put a better one...

WAD files included:

cz_dock.wad: wad made by me, with some Ritual textures, some from other (free) sources, some reworked/made by me.

cz_recoil2.wad: some arabic-style textures, made by me.

cz_siberia.wad: mostly made by me from various sources, some reworked by me, taken from Ritual and Max Payne. Some horrible metal texture by me.

cz_unc: some reworked Ritual textures, some by me. Intended for a new CT headquarter called United Nations Counterterterrorist Unit (UNC). But i cannot find the .map file; if someone is interested i'll search.

-Eivil8.wad: mostly texture by Evil Liar for Quake3; i have reworked some of them, and packed in a wad file

-Deep6.wad: this is not mine. sorry but i don't remeber the author (but is a pretty known person in the HL community). i'll put here because is not easy to find on the net.

SPRITES included:
Some new sprites made by me. nothing special.

MODELS included:
Some palm tree made by me, similar to the ones in CS:Source, some computers and a phone, and some lights made by me. Other crappy things (antenna dish) by me, other (junglebush) reworked by me.

Other things: here is a list of .wad files i have used, but for problem space not included in the packed file. They can be found easly on the net, some here:


TDK Textureset - various

Xenons Textur Pack 1


Czde_dust.wad can be found in the condition zero Czero folder, used in Mosque2

The_biggest_wad_you_have_seen_in_your_life .... or something like; is another file i have found on Lanmaniax site


Are made by the poular map/texture author Blazeer

Poke646.wad come from the HL mod Poke646

Good Work


P.S. Feel free to comment od question.

And if you wont to use those things. Just give the proper credits, only mine for the maps, mine and from other sourcrs/author for textures.
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Default Re: Mik maps


I can't get the file from rapidshare... says it's been downloaded "0" times, but that it can't be downloaded any more today?

Cheers for now


In fact, cancel that..my daughter managed to snag it for me [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Thanks!!!

Grr.. rapidshare... [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Mik maps

Hey Michele

I know it's a long time ago now, but did you ever find the RMF file for your UN Training Unit map?

Cheers for now
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