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Default I Just Finished Emergence... *Possible Spoilers*

Well I don't have the time to write an entire review... but I will just list out some basic Good's and Bad's...

-The Good-
-It's great to see the Source engine looking so fantastic, the game really looks nice.
-Just shooting is fun, the weapons are sweet, killing enemies is a blast, the gibbing effects are grand, and the great physics are extremely entertaining.
-Storyline is pretty good so far.
-I'm very happy to see a SiN sequel.
-The "Aim down the sight" feature, along with a handful of other little extra features is great.
-Scripted sequences are highly entertaining.
-A.I. is better than in HL2

-The Bad-
-Where's Blade's voice?! You hear him speak only a few times throughout the game! In SiN 1 it was a bit ridiculous how much he talked... but Emergence has way too little Blade narrative. It needs to be somewhere in between. I miss Blade calling Elexis a crazy b*tch and making fun of J.C. I was hoping for a bit of a change... something different from HL2, I wanted to hear Blade say all his semi-corny badass lines.
-I miss the hand to hand punching... not a big deal, but I still miss it.
-Where's the car chase?! I thought there was gonna be a huge chase scene! Instead you drive in the car for like five minutes, the movement within the car feature was barely used!
-The game was a bit hard... but it made for a good challenge... so really it's not that negative, just might make the game harder for less skilled players.

-Wish List For The Future Episodes-
-For it to come out tomorrow...
-An actual car chase! Please!
-A few new weapons. And when I say a few... I mean a lot! Forty minimum... (Just joshin' ya'... but seriously new weapons!)
-A jetpack sequence! That would be so tight, I haven't flown a jetback since Duke3D.
-Urban fighting would be grand, some battling in the streets of FreePort.

Anyway... overall I was very impressed, the game is really good! I will certainly replay it... and that doesn't happen often with me.... ahaha, good job guys, the game turned out great. I'm already stoked for the next episode.
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Default Re: I Just Finished Emergence... *Possible Spoiler

No one else has seemed to mention it apart from you. But getting your hands on one of those jetpacks would own.
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Default Re: I Just Finished Emergence... *Possible Spoiler

yes !!!! jetpacks !!!!!

and i agree: blade should talk more.
but i think they will give you that in the next episodes.
right now blade fought through millions of bad guys and mutants
still under the influence of who-knows-what.
jessica is injected, too.....
great things will come (i hope)

and more car-action
and more witty dialogue

some soundclues during the game did not come up when i hit TAB,
so iron out the few bugs (sometimes stuck between walls/crates)

and maybe less sexist jokes/non-wobbly breasts
i really did not like the whole booth babes-idea and hiring nude models
to promote a game is a very low.
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Default Re: I Just Finished Emergence... *Possible Spoiler

Originally posted by PrivateNewbie:
the gibbing effects are grand
ok, now you got my interest. there is gibbing in the game? great, why don't i get it? don't tell me "because you are german". i have the english version of sin:e (as stated on my receipt), english steam an an english operating system (not just the language set to english). and i even got sin1 on my accout, so don't tell me i got the blacklisted sin1 but a low violence version of sin:e?

nobody told me, that the us version would also default to "cut", if it is started from within germany. this is why i bought the us version via steam and no f***ing german retail! this really sucks. i just want, what i payed for (and what the receipt says i own!)
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Default Re: I Just Finished Emergence... *Possible Spoilers*

Oh sweet, you're from Germany eh? Good ol' Deutschland... well in that case, Wie gehts? lol, sorry I couldn't help it...

Right, back to the gibbing business... Headshots make the enemy's heads gib apart, and when you kill a chaingun guy they explode into several large chunks. Are you not seeing this? What happens when you kill an enemy with a chaingun?

Hook us up with some screenshots of a room after you have a shootout, I wanna see these non-gibbed dead enemies. Hmmm... that's very odd. Maybe it is because you live in Germany... I remember seeing FarCry in Germany and it was a less violent version.

But it seems to me that if you bought the U.S. version it should work normally... Better talk to one of the Ritual dudes.
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Default Re: I Just Finished Emergence... *Possible Spoilers*

I too am German, but I didn't get the "DE" version of Emergence, I got the US version with Sin 1 because my Steam was set to English at the time of purchase (great way to circumvent the German banning of Sin... not very intelligent to use Steam's language as a country check). And I can't remember any heads blowing apart from headshots. I do know that I saw (and heard) the gibs when killing a chaingunner with the scatter alt-fire, though! And there's plenty of blood as well... so, unless I'm mistaken, that should be the uncut version.
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