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Default The Weapon Thread

Okay, I know that our involvement with Avalanche and Eidos for "25 to Life" has been blaring in the news, but if you look at our Products page, you can see that we still have not one, but two more unannounced products in the wings. We can't say what they are yet, but I can guarantee that they'll knock your socks off when you play them.

In the meantime, here's another one of those open-ended response type questions. What is your favorite video game weapon of all time? It can be first-person or third-person. It could be a turtle shell, it could be mutagenic goop, it could be jelly beans, it could be the reanimated skeletal remains of a puppy, we don't know...so tell us!
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Default Re: The Weapon Thread

Aside from the crossbow from WoS being damn cool it has to be the shotgun, every game has one and for the most part it's an excellent holdout weapon. The silly doble barreled ones that take a dogs age to reload are not so hot so it has to be a decent pump action with good range and good damage. Nothing beats the sound of shooting someon in the face with a shotgun.

Joint second has to go to the chainsaw for the gore factor and the sniper rifle for sheer joy, the farcry sniper rifle was fantastic, especially when you had your binoc's that lit up the enemies on the radar. Also as far as cunning other features go, the farcry binoc's that allowed you to evesdrop on enemy conversations was very well done and I would love to see more of that, especially if as above, there is a sniper involved and the game has stealth elements.
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Default Re: The Weapon Thread

Love Rocket Jumping!
Shotgun is always good if you can get gibs with it.
Fun putting wholes in virtual people...like the rail gun.
Dual pistols, always liked that.

Little off the subject, I like repairing things with wrenches in TFC and BattleField 1942. (or sabotaging equipment via the same wrench).
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Default Re: The Weapon Thread

Of my limited experience with video games, my favourite weapon would probably be the photon gun from EF1.
It could party have been influenced by the gameplay really, but the weapon was very smooth (as in it didn't stutter visually in terms of animations and such, or even 'technically', it was pretty consistent with its firing). The firing rate was great, as was the speed of the projectiles. The damage dealt by it was pretty good as well.. it definitely gives you the damage you'd expect it to.

The secondary fire is interesting, though I personally don't use it much (as the darn projectile never seemed to follow my intended victim), but it proves useful every now and then.

It's a bit of a spammy weapon I suppose, but when you learn to use it effectively it slowly creeps up to being one of the first weapons you want to find and have ready to fire with.
Not to forget photon jumping, which is also great [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

The other weapon I really liked, though it's more of a pickup, is the detpack from EF1. Again seems spammy, but it works really well most of the time. Nice, big explosion... very useful, especially in maps like ctf_voy2 (EF1).

In Q3, my favourite weapon was the railgun (kind of similar to secondary fire of the compression rifle).

And there you have it.. favourite weapons from 2 of the 4 games that I own [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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Default Re: The Weapon Thread

FPS game without sniper, rocket launcher and good old shotgun, is not a fps game at all [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] Another thing, i like, is secondary fire for weapons. Hmmm...spider mines were funny in sin [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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Default Re: The Weapon Thread

The best gun for any game is a minigun with a chainsaw bayonet. Secondary fire would be used to rip someone up with the chainsaw.

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Default Re: The Weapon Thread

My favorite weapon from a videogame would have to be the gravity gun from Half Life 2. I love how you could use the environment to your advantage.,It was so fun.

Second Place would have to be the Sniper Rifle.
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FaTaL eRrOr
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Default Re: The Weapon Thread

My favorite weapon would be the lightsaber from the JK series, nothing beats slicing limbs from enemies. Second though, would easily be the Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2. The upgraded version that could grab people and such. It was cool before the upgrade, but being able to throw enemies into other enemies just rocked. Third favorite would definately be a rail gun. Pick one, they're all good.
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Default Re: The Weapon Thread

Personally I don't think it's the weapon itself, but what you can add to them/use them for that makes them special. Like in Deus Ex you could add all kinds of attachments, and of course you had the skill set to become proficient in as well - so by mid game your preferred weapon was like a sidekick.

I think Pariah is also going that road - from what I've heard; have your stock weapons like a hand gun, and a rifle, sniper rifle, etc then have a bunch of stuff you can customize it with.

Once you got some attachments on it the default 9mm (not the silenced, although it was cool) from Deus Ex was my all time favorite weapon to use. Like I said it felt like a sidekick - not just some weapon/tool that you found lying around.

Id also like to point out - for me - unique weapons tend to lose the novelty factor pretty quick - as do super weapons. You go from "Awesome" to "Cool" to "This is more trouble then it worth" to "F**k this, where's my rifle"

After the 9mm from Deus Ex - second place goes to the melee weapon from Republic Commando for the sheer satisfaction of pegging some bug and seeing the splat against your visor - that never got old. Not to mention the fact you could get up close and personal, and do some real damage.

Melee weapons that are slow to kill are frustrating however - it's hard enough to get up close and face your target to get one hit nevermind two or three.

Third place goes to any weapon that FEELS powerful and takes skill to use - for example you need to get headshot(s) to do serious damage with it, otherwise you may hit body armor/wont do as much damage. Or the projectile is slow so you have to get up close and personal to hit something - like the photon launcher from EF1 - but once you're up close it's insta-gib. Otherwise you had to learn the speed so you could accurately lead the target.

The worst weapons are the ones that should be powerful but are all but useless - this is usually reserved for the automatic rifles that take an ice age to take someone down, or can't hit the broad side of a barn. Like it's some kind of balance factor - nobody bothers to use it. The balance should be in how fast it uses ammo just like real life automatic weapons.

I think the best game for weapons overall had to be Command and Conquer Renegade. All the weapons felt powerful, were useful, and took skill to use and avoid having used against yourself.

I'm not sure if all of that's on topic or not, but it's not really as easy as "what's your favorite weapon" - it's how the weapon is handled and presented that makes it memorable.

At least from my point of view [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]
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Default Re: The Weapon Thread

This is a bit of a hard question (especially for someone who has played SO many FPS games over the years...lol). The usage of many weapons depends on the situation. Is the combat close quarters or long range? Do I need wide spread and/or splash damage or surgical precision? Does the weapon work against "this" enemy or should I have picked another?

It's sort of a situational awareness kind of thing. Each situation often calls for a different type of weapon. For example, a shotgun for close quarters combat and a sniper rifle for long range, etc. While these weapons may be considered favorites, it can depend on the player. Some will like close quarters, some will like long range. Should something like a shotgun/sniper rifle/rocket launcher/etc. be considered a favorite when they are essentially "standards" (must be on the check list if you will)? Sure, they can be the "favorite" weapon of someone, but, if it is going to be in the game anyway, well, then that pretty much seals the deal for them. If too many games "just" have the weapons from the "must have in a FPS" checklist, people will become bored with the lack of innovation.

Rather than list a single "favorite" weapon, I'm gonna list ones that worked for a particular situation (and/or) were just freakin kul.

Melee combat (VERY close quarters):
The Boot (from Duke Nukem) - with so many FPS games failing to let you see your feet when you look down, much less USE them, it was fun to kick the h3ll outta some enemy that deserved it.

Chainsaw - There is just something "sick fun" about using one on an enemy. It's that "up close and personal" touch kind of thing. :}

Close quarters combat:
Shotgun (yeah, had to be said...lol) - Unfortunately, many shotguns in games just don't pack the kind of KICK that blasting some fool from up close would do in real life. (*note: one of my favorite shotguns was the one from Duke Nukem that a friend and I modified the config file for and set the power from 25 to 125. You could nearly blow a guy across the room from close range with that thing). The UT flak cannon was a decent shotgun style weapon (with grenade alt-fire mode). And, the akimbo style dual sawed off shotguns from Blood were a blast.

Pistol (Akimbo style and/or silenced even better) - I put this in close quarters combat because for medium range situations with a lot of enemies more firepower is often needed. Pistols can sometimes be used for medium range combat, but, they usually work better when a couple of ppl are dukin' it out "pistol vs pistol" style in a room. Basically, just think Resevoir Dogs, From Dusk Til Dawn and pretty much any John Woo film. The pistol needs to pack a punch more like a Desert Eagle than a simple 9 mm thou for the fun and loud factor (well unless silenced).

Medium range combat:
Machine gun - For a small amount of room clearing, a sub machine gun offers a decent amount of spray and pray action. For more surgical precision a single fire/burst rifle style machine gun works best. There have been SO many examples of this, I'm not even going to try and classify which one(s) were my favorite. Just put one of these (or both) in a game...lol.

Minigun - There is nothing better for some serious slug throwing action than one of these. I have 2 favorite versions. The first was the SiN heavy machine gun (with grenade alt-fire mode). The second was from Blood 2: The Chosen. That thing spit out a wall of lead like NOTHING I had seen before (and probably since). It took a bit to spin up, but once it got going, ANTYHING in it's path was toast.

Long range combat:
Sniper Rifle (again, must be said) - There is nothing better than the "reach out and touch someone" feel of a good sniper rifle. That being said, I prefer a sniper rifle like the one in SiN due to being silenced. I DON'T like (actually I HATE) sniper rifles that take FOR EVER to even out on the aim over time for whatever reason. If we are to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot the JFK motorcade 3 times in just a few seconds (and accurately), then there is no reason to make an in-game sniper rifle "less" effective. If I can see it, and put my crosshairs on it, I should be able to hit it.

Air Strike - It's fun to be able to sit back and use an air strike by calling it in, or painting the target from a distance. If over used online it becomes too spammy. But, having the ability to do this from time to time can be fun (if you are not on the receiving end).

Room Clearing:
IP-36 (aka portable nuke) - While the Shadow Warrior version was kul (with radiation after effects and such), there has never been one as fun to use as the WoS version. That map shaking room clearer was just SO fun to use. We used to even play all weapons on just so everyone could run around with one. Of course the map never stopped shaking due to all the blasts...lol.

BFG - While a staple of id games, this weapon (especially the Quake 2 verison with beams that would come out and target enemies) is still loads of fun.

Hand of God - Anyone that ever played ROTT (Rise of the Triad) should remember this weapon. It was a hand (yours) that when fired, glowed with energy and shot off a white energy ball that would seek out and destroy any enemy in the area.

Steerable weapons:
Remote Rockets - from the WoS version of the Rocket Launcher. Finding a fun place to hide and "seek" your enemies with the rockets was a blast.

The Orb - this weapon, from Blood 2: The Chosen was like the silver ball from the movie Phantasm. Once you let go of it you were then in control of flying the thing around in hopes of sticking it into an enemy (where it would drill in and a spray of blood would come out the other side of the ball).

Fire weapons:
Flame Thrower - While there have been a good many flame thrower examples, my favorite is still the one from Return to Castle Wolfenstien. The look/feel/sound/funtion of this weapon was spot on and just worked. Anyone for some BBQ? :}

Flare Gun - Originally used in the first Blood game. There was just something fun about popping a guy with one of these, catching him on fire and hearing him scream "It burns, it burns. OH GOD IT BURNS!" before falling to a crispy heap on the floor.

That's just cool/sick weapons:
Singularity Generator - Basically this was a black hole producing gun from Blood 2: The Chosen (yeah, it had a good many neat/fun weapons). You could fire this weapon at ANY surface and generate a mini black hole. Enemies/opponents passing near it would be either held in place, or sucked into it, and have their health drained. The best part for the user was they could fire one of these, switch weapons and shoot the poor ba5tard that was stuck in the thing (removing even more health).

Gravity Gun - This was not only a good weapon in Half-Life 2 but, they managed to include it in the puzzle solving portion of the game as a tool. I still think being able to pick up enemies and throw them would have been a good addition thou.

Sticky Grenades - These little spiked balls o' death in Shadow Warrior were fun to use. An opponent of this weapon was basically screwed. They knew they had been hit, but had to wait for the damage to occur. The alternate mode of these (as mines) was also fun to use.


Okay, well, that's enough (and all I could think of with at this point due to lack of sleep...lol). If I think of anything else, I'll post it later.
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Default Static made it again!

Perfectly posted again, static. I agree 100%.
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Default Re: Static made it again!

Half-Life 1 shotgun and crowbar, all the way.
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Default Re: Static made it again!

So many awesome weapons over the years, it's hard to choose one. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

As was already mentioned, the Mighty Boot from Duke Nukem 3D kicked much ass. Also memorable from Duke 3D were the Freeze Gun and the trip mines. I love being able to cover your back by laying mines (which can also serve as a warning that you're being flanked).

Akimbo pistols in Max Payne was always fun.

I liked the grenade launcher gun from Unreal 2. It was pretty cool to be able to switch to a different type of shell depending on the situation.

I always love sniper rifles. Picking off the guards of a heavilly defended fortification is a lot of fun, though I wish that the AI in the enemy soldiers would react more to their comrades being picked off one by one.

The RazorJack (I think that's what it was called) was also great in Unreal. Nothing like sending in 4 or 5 of these things into a room and having them bounce around and take out the enemies in there while you're hiding safe around a corner. I love being able to bounce my shots off wall like a pool game.

Personally, I'm not too crazy about the room clearing BFG-type weapons. The BFG from Doom 3 is about as powerful as I like to see the big gun. It'll still clear a room, but you still have to aim at what you're shooting at.

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