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Default I just played one of the coolest custom maps ever (for Doom 3)

Maybe I should post this under Misc, but I thought this would be a better place because it is for editing/mapping. I was searching for some cool maps for Doom 3 because I really like that engine. I stumbled across this map called "UAC: Lost Facility" and let me tell you, it's really great! For all those interested in making maps (source or doom 3 - both are fairly similar), you should really check this map out. He recycles a lot of stuff from Doom 3, but I enojyed it immensely. First of all, it's HUGE. Not only that, but it's fairly non-linear (for the first half), which is a rarity for user created maps (you normally see that in commercial products). Anyway, I enojyed it so much I had to let you guys know about it.


Note: The download link is in German, but the readme/files are in english.

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Default Re: I just played one of the coolest custom maps ever (for Doom 3)

Ooo totally random but cool none the less, downloading
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