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Default USS Sovereign - RPG

This is a new RPG that I'm running. Please check out the site for more details.

It is the year 2385. A major Romulan civil war has just been averted. The three major powers of the lower galaxy have now allied. They are ready to face the recently returned Borg.

Until that day of battle comes, however, the Triple Alliance continues to explore the unknown. The strange, and alien.

The Enterprise-E's sister ship, Sovereign is currently in Spacedock. It needs a crew. An engineer, a Hazard team commander, a CMO, a scientist, and many more postitions are vacant. Can you fill them? This RPG is forum based, where you post your speech and actions, so they can be merged together to create a well written log of the adventure.

More details are avaliable at our website, but sign on before 11th of August, because Sovereign launches on that date!


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