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Default I think Sin II is a remake of Sin, this is good!

Considering Legion Pharma's products, timeline, and the bits about Blade's mother, what's covered on Legion Pharma is all stuff that precedes the original Sin's timeline.

If Sin II will truly be a direct sequel to the events in Sin, doesn't it seem strange that they would hype it with storyline stuff that occured before the original Sin game?

Since Sin never sold all that spectacularly do you think they could be making Sin II as a retelling of Sin's story instead of a sequel to it? (a la Doom 3)

Personally I think I'd be more excited if it was a remake instead of a sequel. Sin actually has some truly great levels and gameplay. Unfortunately, I never got to enjoy it when it first came out because it was so damn buggy, and by the time it was really stable it was eclipsed by other games (*cough* Half-Life *cough*). Only playing it now in retrospect can I appreciate what a good game it is, but of course it's not a looker anymore and some of the gameplay elements are a bit stale. However, with updated graphics and a few tweaks Sin could be an awsome game by today's standards, but I'm thinking a sequel would not be so enaging. It always seems that games (or movies) that start with a fresh story are better than those that try to continue it.
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