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FAKK2 Coop Mod for Heavy Metal Fakk2 ?

Hi there!
Some of you might know me as Chrissstrahl from HaZardModding, if you didn't now you do.

HaZardmodding has been busy the last few years, we have brought you two major quality Coop Mods that feature the full Campaign including all the in game cut scenes.

In 2007 we did release the HaZardmodding Coop Mod for Star Trek Elite Force II, and completed it in 2012 for the first time just heavily using level scripts to drive the Mod.
The HaZardmodding Coop Mod got even mentioned on SHACKNEWS
Some time later we decided to redo the HaZardmodding Coop Mod using the released GDK in c++ with more features and even more stability within just 1,5 years.
Website: https://www.moddb.com/mods/star-trek...-hazardmodding

In 2018 we started another HaZardmodding Coop Mod, first released in 2018. This time for Medal of Honor Allied Assault, which is using a Modified version the the Engine Heavy Metal FAKK2 is build on.
We have finished the Campaign for Allied Assault and are expanding the Mod to include the Breakthrough Campaign and probably the Spearhead Campaign as well.
Website: https://www.moddb.com/mods/medal-of-...-hazardmodding

You might wondering why I would post this here in the Heavy Metal FAKK2 forums...

Because I want to make a Coop Mod for Heavy Metal FAKK2!
- I know how much work is involved in creating a Coop Mod for a Game with a Campaign
- I have most of the technical knowledge which is required to pull this off
- I know lots of people that are happy to share their expertise with me
- I can just use complex code from my previous projects
- I have a good code-basis to start from

But a project of this magnitude needs more people involved, like
- Scripters
- Mappers
- UI and Texture Artists
- Testers
- And everyone who knows all the ways the game can be played

Obviously there is the need for advanced planning and evaluating what is available and how to approach it best. But there is also our ongoing Project in Medal of Honor.
So you might have guessed that until anyone outside the development team can actually play that new Coop Mod it could take a year or even longer.

But you have to start somewhere, I hope to start it here.

You are welcome to post here or join us on Discord if you want to have a conversation about this Mod with us.
Give us much needed feedback and get the conversation going.


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