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Default Condition Zero features/Technology

I've been following CZ since the past year when it was with Gearbox. Anyway now that Gearbox is working on PC Halo (can't wait!) I'm glad that Ritual and Valve are working together on CZ.

Now based on the model renders and screenshots, I must say that Ritual's artists have done a superb job! They've injected alot of color and detail into a game based on a 5 year old engine, I especially love the rich colors and sharp textures.

Ok I think I should just get to the point, whats the status on the following features from the Gearbox days?

*What locations/environments will be featured in the SP campaign?

*Whats the status on the SP AI? Is it better than the infamous "Potbot"?

*Do you still have the ability to outfit your team with specific uniform skins (ala Rainbow Six) for different situations? (ex. Desert camoflauge for desert environments)

*Do the new models support Alpha Blending?

*I recently read in OXM (offical xbox magazine) that the xbox version of CS:CZ will support 24-bit textures and dynamic lighting. Is this true for the PC version as well?

*Are there weather effects like rain & snow?

*Sound: has the audio been upgraded from 8bit to 16-bit?

*And finnaly, Is the Molotov Cocktail still in? [img]/forums/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
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