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Default map Infiltration (work in progress)


I'm working on my first map (campaign, not arena mode) and i wanted to know what's good/bad about it (at current time) so i can adjust it.

It starts of in a basement from which you have to infiltrate into the labs of Elexis Sinclaire. The basement part is finished, the beginning of the lab is still under construction, but i'm out of ideas (another reason why i posted this thread). Suggestions/(constructive) criticism are most welcome!

Here are some screens of the basement:

And this is one from the Lab "entrance" (the private quarters of Elexis):

Thanks in advance!

Download (573 kb)

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Default Re: map Infiltration (work in progress)

It's early days for this, so early that there's really not much to say about the map itself. Generally the rooms are small, simple boxes so far which usually isn't too inspiring to fight in. You are doing a lot of things right, like sourcing your lighting, but some areas are ridiculously dark. There always needs to be some light so that the player can see.

One thing I would definitely suggest: You probably want to be thinking on a larger scale than building room by room. If you build one room at a time you'll probably end up with an incoherent map that doesn't make sense. It's better to plan the layout of your labs before you lay a single brush. Think logically about your environments: Would a passage off what looks to be a sewer be the only way into a flashy lab complex's foyer? Have a purpose for each room, it will make it easier to know what to build in there. Plan out the whole of the lab area on paper as a functional space, and plot what the player's route through it will be. Use whatever conceits you can come up with to block routes that would exist in a 'real' lab but which you don't want the player to use. Planning in advance will help you work because you can spot problems and reduce the risk of wasting time working on stuff that turns out to be wrong for the overall map, and knowing how far you have left to go can be a good motivator.

You don't need to include the .log and .lin files when you distribute your map. The .log is the compile record - which in this case says the map compile leaked, which you need to fix. The .lin is a file that can be loaded in Hammer to tell you where the leak is ('Load Pointfile' on the Map menu).

As far as ideas go: Get books on architecture, watch films and TV, go and look at the world outside! If you think about mapping whenever you look at things, you should soon find you have more ideas than you have time to make stuff in.

A few random inspirational sites that everyone should know:

Huge Japanese underground project

Urban and industrial decay:

You can find loads more useful stuff through Google image search and on photo sites like PBase as long as you can think of the right search terms for what you like.
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Default Re: map Infiltration (work in progress)

Thanks for the advice.

I'll place some extra lights, but the basement was supposed to be a bit linear (i've got the idea from a belgian comic book), but this was only ment to create some atmosphere, not for fighting.
I'm gonna think the lab out before i start building it (the desk for example, will be removed).

The links come in very handy, thanks again!

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Default Re: map Infiltration (work in progress)

to turn on the light you either need to Melee the switch or shoot it. Uhh ok, I went down a DARK hallway the first time, after trying to press it a whole buncha times.

Good starting point.
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Default Re: map Infiltration (work in progress)

Okay, I played your map and it actually made me think again that I should try the SDK again. Your map may be simple so far, but it's got something. It doesn't feel a lot like Sin yet, but you're on the way.

I can see why it is so simple, though. As I write in another thread, the problem with Source (like any modern engine) is that props/models/meshes often make up a huge part of the architecture. If you want to come up with something really new in a map, you can't use the existing props, you must model new ones (which is annoying) or map without them. You chose to map without them, you just used a few general props like tanks and barrels. That's why your rooms look a little bland. But I wouldn't do it any other way since I have no clue about modeling. You could add a few more details built from map geometry (instead of props), but it's difficult to create them. In essence, Sin 1 was made that way, so anything you build without props will look a little "old school". Maybe you can also find a way to include important props from Emergence in your new map to cleverly spice it up with some detail, and do the rest with geometry.

Oh, and please make the light in the basement brighter. I practically saw nothing down there even though there were lamps on the ceiling. Also, keep an eye on your texture alignment.

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