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Default SiN

Do you like SiN? Post here, and tell us why if you like...Boycott all threads with the subject line, "SiN is dead." If you post here (even if its something bad,) we will all assume you are a strong supporter of this game.

I love SiN. I love the gameplay, CTF, WoS, weapons, skins, models, the way it is easy to modify the stuff, user-friendly environment, nice community, good clans, pretty good SP, amazing MP, I could go on forever, but I have homework.

that's bass as in the instrument, not the fish

Email: bass2496@home.com
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Default Re: SiN

I love sin because even though it might not have done as well as the designers have planned, it came through and has formed a close, tight knit, group of hardcore sinners.
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Default Re: SiN

I totally agree Bass -- SiN is the greatest game i've played, and because of the excellent MP, it should be known as the greatest. Other peeps just don't know what they are missing out on
But you can be sure that I will be a loyal supporter of SiN to the end,... and that end will NOT be in the near future. Therefore I ask everyone that plays other DM games, like quake and Half-shat...or sumthin like that, to help the SiN community out and try and recruit some people to come and play. I'm sure they will like it, so just do a little extra to ensure that SiN will never die!!!!!!!

thx all

You can't hide from tha Reaper[NWA]...
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Default Re: SiN

SiN rules!
It's currently the only game I play and CD i keep in my drive, and have been playing for a few months now..ever since I bought it 4 months ago.

The SP is very enjoyable, I like the level of difficulty in hard mode, as well as the AI, not to mention the dialogue which cracks me up.

The MP is by far the best ive ever had the chance to part-take in. Theres more than enough servers at the moment for me to play on, more would be nice but not neccessary. Heck out of the 70 or so servers on my list i only play about ten of them. What i enjoy most about DM over other games is the fact that the weapons have locational damage. Shotgun and rocketlaucnher duels are my personal favorite. CTF is a blast when both teams are ferrociously fighting for the flags. I really have 0 complaints about the game. Nutin but luv baby!

Oh yeah the community rules as well, yeah all you guys, When i would play quake2 or some other online game..i dont think ive ever played the same guy twice. It's cool to fight the same people every now and then.
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Default Re: SiN

SiN rocks. And if it wasn't for the fcuking "H" word it WOULD be #1

Wicket (DaB)
Join DaB at clandab.hypermart.net
As the great Wicket the ewok would say:YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEETTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

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Default Re: SiN

Bass2496 told me to post on this thread, so I am:

I'm kinda confused why ppl would post "Sin is dead." messages on this forum. Why is Sin dead, cause Q3 is out on the mac? Please biatch....

Even when Q3 comes out, I'll still play Sin and I'll tell you why:

Weapon Balance - Egad! So there's weapons useful in certain situations and its not always the rocket! (read: Quake).

CTF - Teamplay! You think CTF will be out for Q3 anytime soon? I think not...a year ago CTF was definitely going to be in Q3 and now it's they "wish" it was in the game....It's gonna take a few months for teamplay past the time the game is released. What is that--like 6 months? Even if Q3 kills Sin (which even those of us who love it must admit that it probably will) there's a lot of life left in it. Even my formidable clan has rumblings of "We'll switch to Q3 when it comes out..." That's gonna be a sad day, for me at least.

Community - Even though there's lot of immature a$$holes in the SiN community, there's a lot of really cool people. Never in any online game I've played before, have I become friends with so many people. That alone is a testament to the game, because how good an online game is as much who you play with as the game itself.

Swank - No other game besides Sin has as much character and punk-a$$-b|tch kewlness as Sin. Yeah Duke had that...where's Duke again? In some kind of Unreal-nightmare of a development schedule.

The only game that has a chance of killing Sin in my book is Fakk2...Ritual has proven they got balls-of-steel for game development. It may be cool--it may not. I have no clue, but I do know they're using the Q3 engine, and has previously stated: they got heavy sacks.

Ok, there's my rant, hope it helps.

Lanik OUT



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Strabo TF
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Default Re: SiN

what can i say that hasn't already been said...Sin's the coolest MP FPS yet!

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Default Re: SiN

A true story.

I've played many-a-game and up until a couple of months ago I really saw no reason to upgrade my old system. Q1 Q2 were cool and I played it at work, but it just didn't really do it for me. I really had no reason to upgrade my old system. I was only doing app development and nothing I did required a game class system, but last summer hard work paid off and I got a raise and bought a new Dell PII 400.

I had my new system for about a month and I played a couple of different games DarkForces II and a couple of others, and I really didn't see any justification for buying my new system. Well the summer was coming to an end and my buddy told me about this cool demo he just downloaded and I figured I'd give it a try. Well that cool demo was you guessed it! SiN. My Life was slowly changingÖ. At first I played the Single Player game then I tried SiN DeathMatch, like I said I had played other multiplayer games, but my life was totally changed the first time I played Spry online. I say that because it is totally true. A month or so passed and I bought the retail version (actually reserved it). I was totally amazed by SiNís graphics and overall feel (the physics model for SiN feels so good) of the game blew me away. At first I thought it was my hardware that was what I was really enjoying, and I would simply out grow SiN as soon as the next game dejour came out. So I went out and bought Half-Life thinking it would replace SiN in my nightly ritual. The very first thing I tried was HF MP and I was mortified!! I was thinking how can so many game reviewers be wrong about this game. I mean I thought Half-Life was kinda cool, but it just didnít have the feel of SiNÖ So I played and played SiN and I canít stop playing it. Every time I start getting board some new Mod or Add on pack comes out and sucks me back in.. Plus the SiN community is great.. People Like Fay, Sly, Smack2, Kamala and so on, really make SiN all the better.

SiN has not only change my life, but two of my friends who had no intentions of upgrading or buying a new computer did so because of SiN. I showed them my new system and I showed them Half-Life and then I let them play SiN and they went out and bought new systems the next day.. That tells ya something about this game.

Anyway, I love SiN and I will continue to love it.. Even if stupid 12yr olds think its time has passed.

Its more stable now.
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Default Re: SiN

Kick everyones ass that says sin is dead.


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Ranger BaS
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Default Re: SiN

It's still the only game I play.
Got HL, H2, Unreal Q2 etc but only play those out of boredom when there are no-one on the servers cause of the time diff.
It may not be considered mainstream popular and the timing of CTF may have kicked a fantastic add-on in the balls (WOS) but in addition to what Lithium said, it's the close knit community that will keep it going....for a while longer anyways.
I salute too many ppl to mention, you know who you are, your the one's keeping this thing alive.
BTW - check out doomworld.com for christ sake, even that sorry old bastard is still alive, too a degree


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Rome MiB
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Default Re: SiN

I like sin 'cause:

It stays crunchy in milk

melts in your mouth, not in your hands

The leading game of providing a steady whoopass diet, needed for everyone from kids to adults.

It impowers the internet generation

You can loose weight, now ask me how.

It's a great anger relief after accidentally watching a toyota commercial.


It's like, real deal, daddi-o.

Got Sin? YEAH!


Secret member of the J*ck*ssNow! club.

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Big Nasty
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Default Re: SiN

never played Q1 or Q2, probaley won't either. Sin just kicks ass, is there another game where u can play a naked woman who look like a guy? com'on how can u beat that, even tomb raider can't come close to that.

"Be smart don't be a retard"

Big Nasty [TnT]

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Halo BaS
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Default Re: SiN

Sin tickles my bag like grandma did.

That's all for now, I've got my "people who must die" list to revise. I hope you all get pelted by a frothy jet of excrement. Filthy bastards
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Default Re: SiN

I will admit I used to dislike SiN when I first played it. I was totally into Q2 and SiN has a different play style and I sucked at it, probably still do in some ppls eyes Anyway I kept playing it cause my roomates would play all the time tellin me"You gotta check this sh*t out, its phat!" So now I just cant get enough, there are some days when I play all day, guess I got no life, but bottom line is SiN rocks and Im stoked to play it.

SicK-O[NWA] ya happy Gib ya pr*ck!
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Default Re: SiN

SiN...it's fantastic!

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Default Re: SiN

This is basically the first Mp online game that I've played. And must Say that I was addicted from the demo and will never leave even when ppl move on.

This game Helps me releive tensions from all the crap I go through as well.

I've met some interesting ppl and challenges
and enjoy playing thuroughly. Nothing will keep me away, only death awaits me.
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Default Re: SiN

Sin definitely kicks ass! I can't figure out why Sin isn't as popular as Quake II. I like Quake II but Sin is just in another league, kicked up a notch. Way better graphics, better story. Great dialog, actually the best dialog I have seen in any game. It's bold, more representative of the way people really talk. I mean swinging stone dicks in Elexis' mansion! What other game would attempt to do something like that? Sin's got guts. Maybe that's why some candy asses don't like it. Maybe it breaks the mold too much for them and gets them out of their safe zones. Quake II is like David Cassidy and Sin is like Jimi Hendrix. Not everyone can appreciate it. Anyway I need some Sin servers on my Gamespy. I only have about 5 and they're all empty. I've heard about Kamala's list. How do I get it on Gamespy? Someone help me out here. Actually I have never played Sin multiplayer but want to give it a go. All single player stuff. I just got done taking Elexis' clothes off so she is naked as a jay bird through the whole game. Don't even know what the hell CTF stands for. I'm still at patch 103. Appreciate some help. Thanks
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Rome MiB
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Default Re: SiN

Read the thread titled " how do i get kamalas list of servers in gamespy " which will appear right under this one when I post this message

CTF stands for Capture the Flag.

Thief has the greatest gameplay, dialogue, etc.. as far as single player games go
Sin's the best in multi.

If you think the swinging "A Clockwork Orange" dicks in the mansion are cool, download the KingPin demo (tho the cocks are more of a reference to the book or the movie, not really just to show off).

Secret member of the J*ck*ssNow! club.

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Default Re: SiN

wow deja vu agian:

How to add list into Gamespy:

Right click on red SiN symbol.
Click add server list.
Name it. kAmALA perhaps.
Insert this address:


in server list location.
Click OK.
Now update all servers.

if that dosnt work email me.

my sin map/server page.
last updated 4/22/99.

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Default Re: SiN

My feelings have all been pretty much addressed above...

this is kinda hard to admit but...

SiN gives me a woody.

God I love this game!

Thrill Kill Combat SiNdicate!
-Live To Frag, Frag to Live-

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Default Re: SiN

Man, I think Sin is the game that revitalized my FPS fetish... I was burned out of games like HL, Q2, Unreal (god what a shitty game MP), Tribes, etc etc. Then I bought Sin online for $24 and the next day WoS for $10. Let me say that WoS has to be the greatest addon for a game in history.... TONS of new levels, weapons, items, HOVERBIKES, let me say again, HOVERBIKES. OMFG I would have bought the addon JUST for the hoverbikes! They're silly funky fresh cradle rock style (anyone know where that line's from?). Then CTF. I started playing it and just totally blew me away... its so similar yet so different from all other CTFs out there. I got into it again so I thought I'd compare it to Q2s CTF, and its soooo much better... can we say offhand grapple? hehe I thought so... Empathy shield and deathquad are really the first origional things to come from CTF in ages... Oh, and to answer the question about why it didnt do so well... it came out right when HL came out... and people were already burned out of the demo. Man, that was a great demo, wasnt it? Sin has to be by far the greatest multiplayer game since Quake 1 IMHO. I just cant wait for Duke Forever... whenever the hell its supposed to be released... now they're saying next year! WTF?!?!? Crazy man... oh well, enuff of my ramblings.. off for some sin! Lata

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Halo BaS
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Default Re: SiN

Deeam Kamala , nice going!
This guy has single handedly saved sin !
Thanx for the great server list, they should be paying you !

Sometimes I cry....
Like when my Mom showed me her penis for the first time..
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Levelord Groupie
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Default Re: SiN

the 1st computer game i really tried was qII
demo. but by the time i tried it there were
no more demo servers. anyway it looked all
brown boring stuff. then i tried sin demo,
i was hooked. a friend told me if you like
that get unreal. i got unreal, i unistalled
unreal. played sin demo. find out sin & hl
coming out sametime. i read the mags & saved
my money for hl. mistake ! i had to wait two
more weeks till my next payday for sin.
now i am talking online mp here. i havnt
got passed 2nd sp level on sin yet. the
graphics are more human/realastic than
hl,unreal. it reminds me of when i used to
work at the post office. ist a very simple
game to learn but so many complex ways to
win. my friends can sit down & play in 1
second. i show them the arrows to move &
the mouse to shoot. normally so little
lag for me that play is smooth even with all the graphics on. hl is still a little jerky.
and simple not as fun. i think hl is better
in sp graphics from what i have seen, but
who cares about sp.

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Linkavitch rbb
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Default Re: SiN

My opinions have been stated mostly already.
But, I have a lot of expierience.
I've played dike nukem, doom, quake, quake2, hl, unreal, and of course sin.
Sin MP blows them all away. I think A couple more mods... such as rocket arena on q2 would help a lot for interest. But other than overloading ionizer i have 0 complaints.
I love this game.

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Default Re: SiN

Well, I think everyone know where I stand o n SiN - it rocks guys!

I love coding for this puppy, I wish a few more of you would get into it then we could have some fun like the Q2 mod stuff (can you say "catch the chicken"?) Ok - it's a stoopid mod, but sometimes I like stoopid

This game really rocks. I gave up playing Q2 CTF as soon as I tried my first SiN game on SpryCTF - woah!!!

Keep on rockin' guys....

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