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Default New Elite Force II Beta Patch Available

A new version of the Elite Force II 1.10 beta patch is now available for download. If you've previously signed up for the beta test, you should have gotten an email notifying you of the updated patch and where to get it. If you're not a beta tester and wish to participate in the beta test, you may do so by filling out the form on the beta test sign-up page. This latest patch revision incorporates much of the feedback voiced by community members, as detailed by the changelog below:

<blockquote style="color: #E7DFE1;">
<ul>[*]Taunt frequency reduced to 4 seconds. A cvar command called “mp_minTauntTime” has been added and set at a default of 4 seconds. [*]The Ultridium Explosive damage has been increased. [*]Chat issues during map cycle have been resolved. [*]Mouse speed in menus restored to normal speed. [*]Password protection fixed on All Seeing Eye. [*]Score dialogue issues at the ends of matches have been resolved. Announcer no longer incorrectly states, “one point remaining.” [*]Server will now inform player if they vote to switch to a map that doesn't exist on the server. The player will be given the option to change their vote, and the vote will only count if the player votes for a map that is on the server. [*]The issue of custom skins showing up as orientation objects if client does not have the custom skins has been resolved. They will now show up as Munro. [*]A cvar command called “cg_viewWeaponBob” has been added to disable weapon bob. It is on by default. Note: weapon bob when strafing has been eliminated permanently and cannot be turned on/off. [*]Sniper rifle will no longer automatically zoom out after the player shoots[*]Player is now able to turn head bob/sway when strafing on/off. This is done via a cvar called “cg_viewStrafeTilt.” To turn off the bob, set this to 0. The default is 1.[*]Player can no longer see 1.01 games when running version 1.1.[/list]</blockquote>
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