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Default GameSpy Previews CSX

In case you've been living in a cave, there's a GameSpy preview of Counter-Strike for Xbox that offers a brief rundown of the terrorist vs. counter-terrorist game modes. Interestingly, the graphics are listed as both a pro and a con in the preview summary: "Graphics, while improved over the PC, aren't exactly groundbreaking." Of course, the graphics are the best ever seen on the nearly 5-year-old Half-Life engine. Here's a related quote:
<blockquote style="color: #E7DFE1;">
Ironically, CS was preceded by Soldier of Fortune II on Xbox. Ironic because SOFII is a lot more recent on PCs than CS, and it is essentially, shall we say, "heavily influenced" by Counter-Strike. If you liked its multiplayer play, then there's a good chance CS will be up your alley. What SOFII lacked in graphical prowess, level design, and customizability, though -- CS offers.
CSX is well on the road to completion and is now in the capable hands of Microsoft QA testers.
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