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Default SiN multiplayer tweaks.

Go on, post some of your tweaks here, share the wealth! Since this game was built off of the Quake 2 engine its config is very tweakable. Here's some things in my autoexec.cfg that take away some annoying things such as view bobbing.

set cl_particles "0"
set gl_dynamic "0"
set gl_shadows "1"
set gl_ext_palettedtexture "0"
set gl_ztrick "0"
set gl_flashblend "0"
set gl_polyblend "1"
set in_joystick "1"
set gl_cull "0"
set gl_round_down "0"
set gl_skymip "0"
set s_mixahead ".14"
set s_primary "0"
set s_khz "22"
set s_loadas8bit "0"
set cd_nocd "1"
set cl_footsteps "0"
set rate "25000"
set cl_maxfps "90"
set gl_texturemode "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR"
set intensity "2.0"
set gl_modulate "2.5"
set gl_playermip "2"
set gl_picmip "0.0"
bob_pitch "0"
bob_roll "0"
bob_up "0"


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