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Default crashing problems!

I was wondering if anybody could help me out on this one. I recently bought FAKK 2, and, after always crashing just after I enter the door from Julie's home to town (when the cutscene of the training room lady approaching Julie begins), downloaded and installed the 1.02 patch (non UK). The next time I went through the door, my system didn't crash and I proceeded to enjoy one of the best action games I've ever played . However, I started a new game again, and now I am crashing in the exact same spot I crashed at before even the version number on the main menu screen still reads as the patched version (1.02)! I can't even CTRL-ALT-DEL the program. I am forced to hit the reset button on my computer to get it "unstuck". Can anybody help me out on this problem?

Here are my system specs:
3D Prophet 2 MX (geforce 2 MX)
Soundblaster Live!

Sorry for being so verbose guys. I just wanted to give you as much info as I could about my problem. Thank you for your time!
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Default Re: crashing problems!

go into your advanced properties and on your vidocard options set the core frequency settings down two clicks (bolth of them)it worked for me
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