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Default To Moderators Regarding Sin 2

i have a few questions,

i know the game is based on nvidia cards, so people with ati cards will proberley suffer more problems meaning the fps is faster on nvidia cards,

how ever whitch cpu is it coded up for the AMD or Intel or is it aimed at 64 bit cpus, in general, i know it supports HT but is there going to be a performance fix ?

i'm not buging or crying just wondering, i've looked at the patch 1, and it seems theres a good few things,

i was happy to pick it up for 20 uk money :-) and then noticed no booklet just a cheap card thing but i expected that, mybe u can include a booklet in the next one would be usefull to read what i am going to get rather then runing around the levels stupiedley. just a thought, even if u put the price up a tiny bit some people aprreciate a booklet with whats ifs and whys.

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Default Re: To Moderators Regarding Sin 2

There is no native 64 bit client for the game for use on x64 processors, but it is coming soon.

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