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Default QUICK FIX for players getting stuck at U4_labs02

I'm going to help you. And before you go, note that I give info about getting that console to work for ppl that it didnt work even with the options in the advanced settings checked.

See, *possible spoilers* (not that important) ;

.Are you stuck at the LAB meeting the drug dealer who's about to escape in his submarine?

.Are you someone that skipped that part by entering in the console: map se1_u4labs03?

.Did you realize that your difficulty settings has been reseted and the game is now quite easy?

.Do you want to put back difficulty, and please don't tell me you lost your stats?

.Did you know that there's a scene you are really missing on if you're skipping that part using the @knownissues@ temporary fix.

.Don't wait for a patch, stop crying, I got the solution.


1. Go to your SiN directory
2. Go to SE1 folder, then CFG folder
3. Open up autoexec with notepad (open with... command by right clicking)
4. Now are you are suppose to see: ai_norebuildgraph "1"
5. Erase that line, does not matter, doing so will prevent the game from setting it by default to 1 every time you load a save game
6. Now, if your CONSOLE does not work, enter this in the autoexec cfg file:

bind "p" "toggleconsole"

7. Open up SiN Emergence, and load your game. (note don't save after you realize you can't go any further, otherwise, it might not work)

8. Just open up that game, and before getting to the part you are going to be trap between him and the magnetic shield (??), save your game.

9. Press escape to get to the menu, tap P to bring down the console and enter this command:

ai_norebuildgraph "0"

10. Load the game you just saved.

EH VOILA .Now you are ready, get trapped, watch him talk to you, and finally, watch those guards heading for the submarine, and ENJOY the "BONUS SCENE" for those players skipping that part with that primitive trick of changing level.

Like this, you can preserve your stats and the difficulty level without trying to find a damn way to get it back like it was.

Well, first post, but I hope it helped.

NOTE: the ai_norebuildgraph "0" will be set to 1 after a while or you can just put it back on by entering the value 1 instead of zero.

And NOTE as well you can use this trick WHENEVER you want if anyone is getting stuck at other places too.


This is the folder for the autoexec.cfg file.

Right-click on it
Then on OPEN WITH...
Use selected program
Finally, choose NOTEPAD

If autoexec is not present, create it in the cfg folder, right clicking in a blank space, click on new, and choose to create a text file.

The only thing you have to do is change the extension .txt for .cfg and entering in the file the commands in I wrote in the instructions.

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