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Default Golden ships problem

Ok, so I've got almost all the golden ships so far(I admit, I'm using a guide to find them) but once I got 24 the counter in the Secrets area stopped counting. I'm most of the way through the game now and have almost all of them and it still tells me I have 24 even though I know I have more then that. How do I get it to keep count?
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Default Re: Golden ships problem

Make a shortcut from your EF2.exe
Rightclick on it / property

And set after the target +set g_secretCount "100".
For example:
C:\Games\EF2\EF2.exe +set g_secretCount "100"

Run it once and you have 100 starships.
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Default Re: Golden ships problem

"set g_secretCount"

is also mentioned in your user .cfg file, u can edit the value there also.
If u put it in the command line, as suggested above, it will be set to 100 every time u start the game.
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