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Default Sound issue

I have a sound problem with EF2. First of all there is no music except in the beginning video, plus in the cutscenes there are no sounds except for voices and explosions. We thought that when we get a new sound card it would fix it... it didn't. After searching these forums I found out my pak32 file in corrupted I tried copying the file from the EF2 CD but I keep getting a "cyclic redundancy check." They have a solution post there but it doesn't make sense, I know how to work with computers but when people are talking about video game files I get confused. Does anyone know how I could fix this problem. I like EF2, the gameplay is fun, but the star trek feel is gone with out the sound effects that make Star Trek, Star Trek. thx.
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Default Re: Sound issue

The only real solution(s) is to either take the CDs back to the store and exchange them or hopefully download the pak32 from somewhere. This seems to be a reoccuring problem with the EF2 cds. It might be nice for someone (Maybe Ritual/Ritualistic) provide the bandwidth for the pak32.pk3 (Just the pack, i dont support piracy!).
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Default Re: Sound issue

This game copy we got a about a year old, (we got it when the game came out.) We had that problem a long time but we assumed it was our sound card that is about several years old. But we got a new one and still have that problem.
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