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Default EF2 dies in \"Klingon Base Level 1a\"


My problem (with the game, that is) is that on a certain level (Klingon Base 1a), the game dies after all the cinematics with "Omag". Specifically, after leaving the room the cinematics took place in, the game either immediately frys or waits until the door (at the end of the hallway on the left [the hall w/ enemies in it], where Omag enters) is just out of reach (and everything in between). I am at a complete loss of what is causing this. So far, I have tried:
-reinstalling the game
-patching the game
-switching sound && video drivers
-playing with every in-game menu setting
-turning off all applications/services I could get my hands on
-changing hardware accelerations
-making munro go as fast as possible (for me, at least) to try and beat the crash to the door...

When crashing, windows apologizes at me, saying that ef2.exe did bad stuff...(also, ModName==gamex86.dll in the windows error message box, if that means anything...)

Additionally (if it is of any use), I can see a brief flash of the last screen (before the crash) when starting up the game again.

I get the impression (not based on anything concrete) that something loads that is not well liked by computer when at, near or slightly past the door with the recharging station things...I just don't know what it is that's plaguing me.
The game also runs nicely up to this crash point.

The machine I'm running it on is an AMD 2400+ (@ something like 1.67 GHz), 512 MB RAM, ATI AIW 9600 (128 MB), WinXP with SP1 and Directx 9.0c

Any ideas, help or suggestions anyone could provide would be appreciated.

Also, if I've missed something obvious (like a similar post somewhere else), perhaps someone would be so nice as to point me in the right direction.

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Default Re: EF2 dies in \"Klingon Base Level 1a\"

My first instinct would be to say that the game files are corrupt, either because of bad copying from CD->PC or because the CDs are faulty (Which was common with EF2).

In anycase you could try to use the noclip command to get around the affected area. This requires the cheats system to be enabled.

1) You'll will need to edit the Desktop shortcut like so:

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>"C:\Program Files\Activision\EF2\EF2.exe" +set ui_console1 +set cheats 1</pre><hr />

2) Then after running EF2, load the game at a suitable point.

3) Use the console tilde key( ~ ) to bring down the console.

4) Either bind the noclip command to a key ie

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>bind backspace noclip</pre><hr />

that will allow you to toggle noclip on and off.

or just typing in 'noclip' to enable noclip.

5) To disable 'noclip' bring down the console and either type it again or use the Down arrow key to bring up the last command entered.

If you cant get past the affected areas I could try and make a little patch with the good game files (if they are damaged!).

Also have you installed the 1.10 patch?
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Default Re: EF2 dies in \"Klingon Base Level 1a\"

Tempest, you are amazing.

I clipped my way through that beastly hallway, and the game seems to work fine (ie continues w/o crashing) as of yet. I wish I'd thought of something so simple...but all is good now.
Many thanks, Tempest.

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