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Default When Posting A Help Request...

In order to help us help you, please do the following when requesting help for a technical problem with Sin 1:

1. Please verify that you have the most recent video and sound drivers, and all available Windows updates installed. Over ninety percent of the error reports that we receive are the result of older drivers being installed.

2. Post the exact symptoms that you are seeing, including any error messages that appear exactly as they appear.

3. Post some information about your machine, such as video card, processor, sound card, etc.

4. Post your DXDIAG information. To get your DXDIAG information, go to the Start Menu and select Run. Type in DXDIAG and hit the "OK" button. Click the "Save all information" button and then copy the resulting file into a post.

The more information that you give us, the more likely it is we will be able to find a solution.
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Default Re: Did you find the SinEd toolsrc !!! ?

hallo, did you find the Sin toolset sourcecode ?
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