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Default LCARS Texture Glitches

I seem to be having some problems with the texturing of the Enterprise's LCARS computer displays. A second pattern is imposing itself on almost all of the displays throughout the maps. However, the problem seems to be specifically limited to the computer displays and no other walls or textures.


Needless to say, this is drawing away from some of the experience. :P

Right from the start, I may as well admit how lame my system is - I'm running a stock Toshiba laptop; Microsoft Windows XP Home, SP 2, Pentium 4 CPU - 2.66 GHz, 480 MB of RAM, and (this is probably part of the problem in the first place) no 3D hardware accelerator card. It's not bad, but it's certainly no gaming powerhouse. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

I've toggled nearly every setting in the video dialog to no effect, but here's the lineup as it stands now:

Video Mode: 800x600
Color Density: 32-bit
Texture Quality - High
Texture Filter - Trilinear

OpenGL Extentions - On (No effect when toggled)
Full Screen Anti-alias - Off
Monitor Synchronization - On
Anisotropic Filtering - On

Simple Lighting - Off
Simple Lighting Distance - Close
Shadows - Simple
Flares - Simple

Vertex Lighting - Off
Dynamic Lights - On
Dynamic Lightmaps - On (No effect when toggled)

Wall Decals - On
Detail Textures - On
Detail Surfaces - On
Deform Geometry - On

Special Effect Detail - Low
Curve Detail - High
LoD Distance - Close

Has anyone encountered this problem before? And if so, do you have any solutions for me - beyond buying a new computer [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] - ? Thanks in advance.

It just occured to me to check the console logs. :P I am receiving the following sort of error message when I come into an area with an LCARS display:

WARNING: unmatched endif in shader 'texture/lcars/lcars_locker-1e'
WARNING: shader 'texture/lcars/lcars_locker-1e' has lightmap but no lightmap stage!

Hope that makes a difference.
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Default Re: LCARS Texture Glitches

Is your disk a copy?
My friend had the same problem because he had installed the game with a copied disk.

You probably need to manually copy and past the "pak" PK3 files into your EF2/base folder.

Does this work?

End Transmission.
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