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Default SIN uncut blood files??

Hi there,

if this text is too long, my questions are beneath the line

I see the problem of the german version was discussed before.
And its not working just to set steam to english (like in Half Life 2) Uncut versions just forbidden to sell inside Germany, itīs allowed to buy uncuts as a private customer from outside (: (but not everything is cut LOL, strange laws)

I installed the game via steam too and was shocked that it was cutted. Because I know from SIN 1 from 98 that its a bloody game

I searched for an blood patch, but no where to find. A bloodpatches-forum where it seems to be there is a patch, I could not entering, donīt know why
Download links to rapidshare ect. offline, no longer active ):

Long talking short sense. I thought I found the uncut patch, but it was the whole game. Good that itīs uncut, happy
But the one who cracked this game, changed the Skin from Elexis to a nude skin, put music into the menu and there is no multiplayer anymore (who knows what changed else). But I cannot find the original model in the orignal steam location. It makes the atmosphere broken, its a game, not a porn ^^.


Here are my questions:

Which folders/files I have to copy into the original folder, that the blood and ragdolls are activated in my original game??

If its not work, how to change Elexis into original outfit?

Final, I will go to China for a while, if I downoad SIN over my STEAM account there again, will it be uncut or will it see over the CD-Key that its a german version?

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Thumbs down Re: SIN uncut blood files??

Thanks for the great help

Great, I played the hacked game till the end now. For what I payed money for the original version? I will give it back...
By the way, the nudeskin was just at the beginning and at the end. The holograph between the game was normal

As a german I have to say:
I will never buy an STEAM game original anymore.
For PC I will downlad in future too. For what I should pay the same price like the whole world but have to think all the time: Is it cut or not?? Can I patch it or not??
Only if they sell it for console like Playstation 3 or Xbox360 I will buy it, because there I can order it (legal) the uncut version.

No wonder that so many firms are blank if they do it in such a stupid way. Gears of War is very famous in Germany, and there is no cut version. And anyway we have german voice.

And congratulation, another dead-account
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Default Re: SIN uncut blood files??

You pay money for a game because you honor the work behind it.

Your issue is with steam and how they handle the german law, not with ritual, ritual put the game only on steam as a last option.
1998 and 1999 that German law did not exist, so you also could get Unreal Tournament (UT99) uncut.

If you feel like making a mod for the game and re-add blood and gore and what so ever, you are free to do so, German Law does not disallow you to do so, but ritual can not do that for you or give you any idea how to do it.

If you want to modify the game, you should use the Half Life 2 sources since that game uses this engine.

Ritual is no longer around, this is a community forum where one helps another if they can, and to maintain a platform containing informations about the games, so it can take a while until someone finds the time to take on your issue.

Getting upset and telling us that you are about to do illegal actions would only force us to report them and turn you in for that - unless I want to support your illegal action, according to German Law the Police could already stand at your door to confiscate your PC.
But since this Website is not located in Germany I'm not forced to report you. So if you could think first before getting emotional on a Website that virtually every one can access that would be appreciated.
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