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The MiMiC
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Default Windows 95 ==> Windows 98se

Is the update worth it?
I use windows 95 mostly for games, windows and DOS, and will this improve their performance?
Will it help my internet connection any?
Will it crash more or less often?
I don't use the computer with a home network.
Is their any reason to update?
I've been considering it for a while, and ME doesn't interest me, and 2000 I don't want to mess with, so I guess it'd be win98, if anything.
Are there any games/software that won't work with 98 that does with 95?
I'd heard of a few, nothing that I own (at least that I know of).
Opinions, please.

grrr, forgot to say that I know 98 supports usb much better than 95, but I have no usb peripherals. Also, I read that 95 doesn't support the sse instructions in the p3's, but that 98 does, although I don't know what improvements that brings.

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Default Re: Windows 95 ==> Windows 98se

I did that exach change.. Win95 to 98se.. didnt see much of a difference..

it SEEMED a bit more stable..
didnt help the 'net connecton any though..

I just went from 98se to ME, and although i had major problems gettin it to work, now that it works it works just fine..
and my 'net connection HAS improved,.. i can definatally notice that..

but as for 95 to 98se,, I did it for the home networking stuff, if it wasnt for that then i would of just skipped 98se alltogether..

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