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Default Grey Screen Problem

I just had the infamous "Grey Screen" problem here at work. No matter what drivers I installed, it wouldn't go away. I'm running Win2k and the grey screen DID have an error dialog box.

I'm using Nvidia drivers... and here's what I did to fix it:

NOTE: This only worked for me because I was using the NVIDIA Detonator drivers. This could also be a Windows 2000 solution only. Experiment at your own risk.

Boot your computer in safe mode or set your video adapter to standard VGA.

Find all instances of NV_*.* nv*.dll nv*.cpl and nv*.inf and delete them from your system. The install detonator drivers 5.22 and it worked fine.

Most of the files are in the windows/system folder, but search your hard drive for all occurances. Watch what you delete, if it doesn't look like a graphics related file, don't delete it... you never know what could start with "nv" on your machine.

Eric F.
Ritual Entertainment
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Default Re: Grey Screen Problem

The only video driver that have ever been installed on my computer ARE the 5.22 detonator... and it suxs (grey screen)... I've try on my second computer with all the video driver that I could found, and NOTHING, it still suxs...
I don't understand... All video games (except F22 DID Air Dominance Fighter) work damn good on both, but FAKK don't (

pleaaaaaaaaaaaase, find quick a patch to correct this bug! (I spend a lot of money to buy this game because I leave in France... so...)
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