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Default Q\'s about levels and multiplayer

I was posting a reply at the official cs forums and while thinking about my response about level design, cs:cz's multiplayer component popped into my head.

Q: Will the single player scenarios be available for multiplayer gaming? This is assuming the peeps have bought cs:cz or will some of the levels be released to the public?

Q: For the new multiplayer maps that you folks may be working on, will you guys work on making them more "objective" based (requires tactical teamwork to succeed) or designed for team dm play such as clan tournaments (both teams are relatively spaced equaled to the objectives)?

I ask since I've seen CS shift from the old school action R6 clone to DM with semi-realistic guns between SF and Terrorists.

I don't want to repost the whole reply here but you can read the thread here.

Hopefull you guys will push for refinement towards team objective based gameplay.
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Default Re: Q\'s about levels and multiplayer

From what I gather based on posts here, the multiplayer aspects of CS are in the hands of Valve. In other words, Valve will decide what Condition Zero content is released to CS owners and what gameplay changes are made. It was stated in an interview that new scenarios, new weapons and enhanced editing tools would eventually be released to the CS community.

The only immediate change to CS that I've heard about is the introduction of bots. You'll be able to populate a server with bots and play against them.
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Default Re: Q\'s about levels and multiplayer

Hey Hksdu

Sorry itís taken me so long to respond. Darn those mile stones hehe
Itís cool to see people from the CS forums dropping by. I like a lot of your ideas. I liked the idea of rewarding the team for number of team members alive. Mad Onion is pretty much correct though. Keep in mind that Valve is not only in charge of CS multiplayer but we here at Ritual generally agree that its not a good idea to want to make any kind of really big changes to CS itself. People have asked for all sorts of things but personally Iíd rather play it safe. I donít know for sure what kinds of changes will happen to CS other than what you might already know about.(New weapons and such) Condition Zero is a single player game that is separate from CS. The single player game is fundamentally different from the core mechanics of CS multiplayer. A thing like rewarding players for how many team mates are alive just doesnít apply to Condition Zero.
I donít believe that any of the single player levels will ever become multiplayer levels. It just doesnít work that way. However the locations found in the single player game have sometimes been modified to be playable in standard CS multiplayer retaining nearly none of the scripting, lay outs, flow and features found in the single player versions.

Coming to us for changes to Counter Strike multiplayer and such isnít the best place to go because we are concentrating on Condition Zero single player stuff. The best things to come to us for are single player things that fit in the Counter Strike universe. I know its kind of odd to think of Counter Strike as a single player game after playing online for so many years so ill just give you some imagery to play with. CZ is a rollercoaster ride of gun play and stealth in many different locations across the globe against computer opponents in a linear fashion. So donít think of it as ďHow much money will this gun cost?Ē But rather think ďCan I blow that up?Ē
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