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Default Fandom Bugs!

I played the information gathering mission for 2 minutes and uncovered canon problems. I'm not even gonna start looking for others because I know I'll find them and get annoyed! - The second ones the interesting one.

Bug Class: C/D
Bug Type: Graphics
Priority: Low
Location: Mission 3: Level 2: Lounge behind force field
Description: Opposite the service rooms that lead to Jeffrey’s tubes, there is a room, a lounge to be precise, that has a force field at the door, and the door is broken. Looking through the force field you can depict an obvious graphical issue that is incorrect in relation to Star Trek canon/universe.
Issue: The lounge behind the force field, actually looks geometrically smaller than other lounges you can freely enter. This may not be so, if not, then it’s a texture misplacement/alignment problem, as half of a texture is cut off, on the right hand side. A trek fan, knows that each wall panel must be of full length so it can be accessed. Although, a texture on the far wall at the bottom indicates that only half a panel is installed and in relation to technicality, it simply wouldn’t work, so it is un-true. A small issue for the hardcore trek fan.

Bug Class: C/D
Bug Type: Graphics
Priority: Low
Location: Mission 4: Receiving Information: Observation Lounge
Description: Throughout the cinematic and afterward when you begin mission 4 and explore the observation lounge it is a clear to see that star trek’s design hasn’t been followed. The table in the lounge has a blue surface, as it should.
Issue: The issue raised here is that in all the Next Generation movies that contained the Enterprise-E vessel, this table also had small black boxes scattered on the top surface on the sides. These black boxes have small buttons in them and can be used to access different things by the users of the table. The game does not have them and therefore could become a complaint of the hardcore trek fan.
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