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Default made list of giveable weapons

On the www.effiles.com forums, someone mentioned how to get a weapon with the "give" cheat command.

* Give weapons ;
give xxx

Where xxx is the item's subfolder and file name, including the .tik extension.
Example ;

give weapons/worldmodel-burstrifle.tik

In comparison to spawning, the "models/" part does not have to be mentioned.
! Note ; sofar, ONLY weapons work. No other items !

Weapons ;
weapons/worldmodel-attrex-rifle.tik (Attrexian Arc Launcher)
weapons/worldmodel-burstrifle.tik (Federation Assault Rifle)
weapons/worldmodel-drull-staff.tik (the secret Staff weapon)
weapons/worldmodel-fieldassaultrifle.tik (Enhanced Compressionrifle, shotgun weapon)
weapons/worldmodel-phaser.tik (Voyager phaser) *1
weapons/worldmodel-phaser-STX.tik (Enterprise E phaser) *1
weapons/worldmodel-photon.tik (Quantum Burst)
weapons/worldmodel-rom-datapad.tik (Romulan tricorder) *2
weapons/worldmodel-rom-disruptor.tik (Romulan Disruptor Rifle)
weapons/worldmodel-rom-radgun.tik (Romulan Radiation Gun, Romulan X Disruptor)
weapons/worldmodel-tricorder.tik (Voyager tricorder) *2
weapons/worldmodel-tricorder-STX.tik (Enterprise E tricorder) *2

*1 -> The Voyager phaser replaces the Enterprise E phaser.
*2 -> The Voyager tricorder replaces the Romulan or Enterprise E tricorder.
And the Romulan tricorder replaces the Enterprise E tricorder.
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