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Default saving the warp core ! why does it still go up?

hey all

what exactly are u suposed to do to save it, i know u have to stop the female beam-ins cuz they plant the bombs but even when i kill them b4 the bombs expode the heat bar of the warp core still goes up.

what am i doin wrong, ive only got to the reroute energy screen once and it was to late [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

hope u can help [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]


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Default Re: saving the warp core ! why does it still go up?

be careful when shooting at them because you can actually cause more damage than them if you are not careful.. if you hear Barclay telling you to watch where you're shooting that means you are doing the enemy's job..
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Default Re: saving the warp core ! why does it still go up?

The Guide to the Warp Core Eject Mission
By Luke80
Posted on the 5/8/2003

Hope this helps resolve the growing dispute on how to pass the level!!

When you get out of the Jeffries tube, there are two Idrill behind the cargo containers near the door.
Kill them.
Now power up & go through the door.
Two more Idrill will walk round the corridor, kill them too!
When you arrive at the Main engine room, the massive main door closes.
Use one of the other doors & see Barclay. A cut scene will kick in.
After that, defend the core and shoot ALL of the Idrill Women.
They will plant explosives on panels. The faster you kill them, the faster you can progress.
Barclay will help you.

When the other guys come back in, go to the main table in front of the core & solve a puzzle.
Then quickly get the the side of the core & type in the code.
By this point, you should have less than four seconds. Be Quick!
Then, You are safe. For now. Go out of Engineering and take the turbo lift to the bridge.


Secrets: The Man that works by the main door speaks like a woman!!

The secret starship is up the ladder.

Hope this solves the problem!!!!!!!!!

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