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Default Re: movies...

Woah Kalabanala, cool off-- I don't have my dictionary out. How about making a intelligent post to make yourself look smart instead of these big words? As for your theory, I think the mother dying at the end was because M.Night wanted to show the theory that everything happends for a reason-- From my point of view, mel gibson's wife dies so that the son can live. Gibson remembers those words 'swing away' and acts. If it wasn't for that, maybe the son would have died. Or if it weren't for him having asthma. I wish I could go into it more but it's been too long since i've seen it. I do remember that I really enjoyed it though.
I wasn't trying to use big words, I didn't think this was an itelligent post either. If I say soemthing that pisses you off, play the devils advocate rather then assuming I'm some pompous asshole who "manufactured" his post with "big" words to confuse and trick "normal" people into thinking "that" I'm smart and not "a" moron.
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Default Re: movies...

Indeed. Only quality internet is in my sig. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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