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Default Scripting Triggers

i have made a couple of scripts for my map but i was wondering (and this is really a question for BB) can you make a script start when a player walks through a triggger once or activates a trigger push or some thing and how would you write this in a script because i dont want the script to automatically script 2 seconds or whatever after the game starts
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Default Re: Scripting Triggers

Let's say your map is named test.map. You have to make a file called test.scr that looks something like this:


void do_something();

void main()
<insert code that is supposed to be run after map loads>

void do_something()
<insert code that is supposed to be run, when trigger is activated>

Then place a trigger_once and give it a key named "thread" with a value of "do_something". As soon as the player walks through the trigger, the function do_something is executed.
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Default Re: Scripting Triggers

Looks right to me.
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