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Default CZ Models, Player and Weapon questions...

I see on CS nation that they posted your weapon models. I have no clue why Valve has no added the Ritual models. What I think Valve should have to done to get maximum buyers for CS:CZ was to leave the Ritual Single Player and add the new game modes that the other company was too. We could have their Tony Hawk Style and Ritual's awsome single player game for CS:CZ and the new models and maps. This would be the game almost everyone would buy.

Since Valve decided to do it anoterh way, are CS nation allowed to allow the Ritual Models for download. Because if they are then are we allowed to use the Ritual Player models. I have noticed that others have spoken that they cannot use the Player Models for CS 1.6 I have seen the animations and I though wow, these Ritual Models are pretty and have smoother animations then the old CS models. So could you answer this:

What is causing people to get the Server Consistancy error for using the Ritual player models? If you guys are not allowed to answer this. Then please response we cannot answer this. However I would recommend that you advise Valve to have Ritual's single player while added the new gameplay mode. And the pretty models. It would be a sellout.

Just my thoughts. Pelase don't ask for the models as I do not even have CS installed at the moment. So I wouldn't have the models, lol.
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Default Re: CZ Models, Player and Weapon questions...

zoso said in another thread:

*as far as i see it this is how it worked out*

for ritual's models to make the consistency check that would require some code changes to cstrike. code changes that ritual was not allowed to do.

ritual wasn't allowed to make even the most minor changes to the code with out you know who's approval, and that's just for the czero sp game. now do you think they'd allow ritual to make code changes to their cstrike mp baby?

so (as far as i know) unless someone at valve makes those changes to the code (which obviously isn't going to happen) then ritual's stuff will never be the standard. that's what my intuition tells me anyway.

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