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Default WoS server problem and chat question

I've been running a Wages server and it works good until someone uses the U4 and then server crashes. Happens in 2015dm5 and wosincity so far. Can I fix? Also is there a script or bind where one key could be bound to execute normal text chat and say_talk simultaneously?
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Default Re: WoS server problem and chat question

about the wos problem dunno never had it... (wos)

about the second question:
-> in the cfg file where ur playername is saved:
bind "key" "exec "name".cfg"
replace "a" with any key u want to use
replace "name" with the file.. u want to use (its a notepad file.. just called cfg)

eg.: bind a "exec myfile.cfg"

myfile.cfg then
say "HELLO"
say_talk 1 HELLO

that would bind say_talk and say to a single key over myfile.cfg

other ways
edit the autoexec.cfg in hdd:\sin\base
instead hdd:\sin\base\players\name\config.cfg
that way every "new" ! (doesnt change any on old playername profiles)
playername would get the bind a "exec.. stuff

some nice editing:
say " HELLO "
(adds a blue line )
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