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Default CS : CZ : Question

Ritual, your graphics are just awesome. How valve split the game into two is just wrong.

Why did they remove your graphics and put it as "deleted scenes"?
Is there any chance that valve will decide to redo it the way it should have been? (especialy when tons of people are unhappy with what they did)
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Default Re: CS : CZ : Question

I can only assume that Valve had a change of heart some time last year when they handed CZ off to Turtle Rock to make it 'CS with bots' instead of the HL-meets-CS experience they had asked Ritual for. I suppose they included part of Ritual's work to make CZ have at least some original content.

I don't know what Valve's plans are for Condition Zero.
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Default Re: CS : CZ : Question

Thank you for the praise on the graphics. The artists sure worked hard on them and deserve the credit.

We honestly don't know the exact reasons why Valve called our work "deleted scenes". There are many theories, your guess is as good as ours.

We have no idea what Valve plans to do with future versions of Counter-Strike so we can't comment on that.
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